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e-Visiting card; An easy way to connect businesses with customers.e-Visiting card

e-Visiting card; An easy way to connect businesses with c...
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For centuries we have been using Business cards to exchange information for networking purposes. In the U.S alone, nearly 10 Billion Business cards are printed in a year, and more than 80% of the cards are tossed within a week. The staggering numbers reflect just a portion of the business cards created all over the globe.[Source: ]

The business cards are still here in 2022 but are taken over by the storm of the e-visiting card. e-Visting cards or digital business cards are digital versions of paper business visiting cards. Traditional or paper visiting cards are vital for businesses, but digital cards surpass them when it comes to practicality.  

We have discussed 5 (five) primary reasons why using an e-visiting card would be a better choice.

Reusability is the forte

Paper visiting cards are said to be reliable because of their practicality. Still, in existence, they are unsubstantial and easy to misplace. Most people believe that they won’t need the business cards, so the cards are tossed within a week. However, e-visiting cards or digital business cards are enduring. They can not be lost, making them more usable and substantiated.

A digital home of social links

We have seen paper visiting cards with various social links such as – WhatsApp, Business websites, Facebook, and so on. Still, to glance through your social media and digital presence, the person must type every word. What if I tell you that your prospect can visit your website and social media then and there with an e-Visiting card? e-Visiting cards or digital business cards offer a seamless experience by providing every vital information at your fingertips. Visit Ampwake e-visiting card – 

Light on your pocket

Companies have to invest a lot of bucks every once or twice a month for business visiting cards. If a visiting card is not helping generate business for you, it is a losing game for you and your business. With e-visiting cards, you can cut to the chase. Invest for once and enjoy the perks of e-visiting for a lifetime. Get rid of the hassle of harbouring a bunch of visiting cards, and take advantage of digital transfiguration with digital e-Visiting cards.

Impression gets expression

The design speaks, and when it does, it draws attention. Your digital card is your way of impressing others by standing out. In a room full of people with paper visiting cards, when you’ll use an e-visiting card, you’ll be noticed. Using something which is not so common will also lure people to your products and services.

Update and Customize at will 

In traditional paper visiting cards, you have to redesign and reprint your card to update information and incorporate new elements. Digital Cards allow you to do it within minutes. They are easy to update and easy to customize. Just choose the colour and typeface, enter details, and you are good to go.

Pro tip: Ampwake Provides e-Visiting cards that suit your business. We strive to assist your business development and take it to the maximum heights. Get your personalized e-visiting card, visit us at Ampwake and claim your free e-visiting card.

The time is now!

The reasons mentioned above sum up that digital cards are the need of the hour. It’s high time you get an e-visiting card for your business. It is easy to create and easy to use. You can also modify your e-visiting card as you like. With e-visiting cards, you are not limited to the physical realm. Get your card now! (click here)

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