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How can you drive reasonable sales and traffic by UX designs in 2022?

How can you drive reasonable sales and traffic by UX desi...
how can you drive reasonable sales and traffic by ux designs in 2022 ampwake group

So your business has a website, and it is fetching good sales and growth till 2019, But it’s nearly 2022. Do you still think that the same design and ideas will bring you excellent sales and business? The straightforward answer is, ‘No.’

A well-structured UX design is the best solution to provide a seamless and fluent experience when they browse through your site. Research conveys that even a slight delay in page loading can result in an unsatisfied user experience.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

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What is “UX Design”?

UX implies User eXperience. UX is associated with the user’s interaction, and the goal is to achieve a design that incorporates the needs of the business and user. A UX design creates a web structure that is enjoyable, smooth, and easy to use for the user. Usability, accessibility, and functionality are the key aspects of UX design.

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Having an online business website without an innovative UX is like pushing a car without petrol. In today’s era, UX design is a good practice undertaken by giant companies and (SME)s Small & Medium Enterprises to obtain more business from their website.

Okay! So now you know what UX is and why it is so crucial nowadays, and you are curious to understand how UX can generate sales and traffic. Well, here are some good reasons: –

1. Satisfaction equals revenue

satisfaction equals revenue

Think of yourself as a consumer. You are browsing through various web apps to seek a product or service, you come across numerous websites, but there is just one website that is so interactive, seamless to use. You found what you are looking for, and you’ll save this website for future references as well. You often are so much engaged with the design that you end up putting in little to no effort. The website provides you with the solution in no time, and hence you are satisfied with it.

The equation is simple here: by satisfying the customer, you are not just gaining trust among your audience but also generating traffic based on the user’s experience, which will generate revenue for your business.

Customer satisfaction ultimately leads to customer conversions and retention, resulting in sales growth. Inadequate UX design will push your audience away and can affect your business.

2. User-centric approach

user centric approach

UX design is a straightforward approach to user conduct. It focuses on understanding how self-explanatorily users will crawl through your entire website. This way, you can track what users like most in a website and what they tend to avoid, such as delay in loadings, ads more than product, complex navigation, are a few to name. 80% of post-launch fixes in digital products impact the user experience.

The designers personate themselves as users, which helps them create an interface and experience that tempts users and keeps them engrossed with the website, unlike the traditional websites that neither deliver the experience for the users nor interact justifiably.

3. Increase mouth publicity

increase mouth publicity
"More contact means more sharing of information, gossiping, exchanging, engaging – in short, more word-of-mouth." – Gary Vaynerchuck.

Mouth Publicity refers to the process of sharing information, ideas, and opinions about a product or service through personal communications, on social media, and in day-to-day interactions.

Their interactions can share their experience when someone shares favorable consideration about your product, service, or website. They promote your business because they want to, not because they get paid for the promotions. It’s publicity that the company needs to establish itself as a trustable brand.

4. Healthy ROI

healthy roi

There are more perks of a good UX than just boosted conversion rates. Return of investment(ROI) is one of the most significant advantages of UX design. Forrester wanted to evaluate and justify the value of the UX or a product. In 2016 based on the value of UX, Forrester reported the title “The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX,” in which they claimed that UX design could return $100 on the investment of $1.

Edwisely and Upstox are some of the live examples. Edwisely is India’s first AI-driven learning platform, a mere startup back in 2017, but after that, they designed an industry-leading UX and developed their mobile app. After accepting the change in terms of the UX, the company witnessed an increase in users. A healthy percentage of them were regular visitors and sooner converted into loyal clients. The journey was more or less the same for Upstox as well.

When was the last time you thought of your website’s user journey? If it has been long, you should consider redesigning it real soon. One should never underestimate the benefits of UX for their respective business. It’s a financial win for your business. With proper tools, you can outrun your competitors and enjoy customer loyalty.

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