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To let people grow exponentially by bestowing robust solutions allowing them to compete in a broader market.

One stop solution

Providing solutions in an experienced way within professional boundaries.

Online marketing

Implementing better ways to target niche audiences.

Project management

Handling projects to complete statistically in a professional manner.

It’s 21st Century: Let’s talk virtual

We’re a creative team passionate about bringing the best for you to the competition. Our work envelops websites and digital experiences, graphics and identity, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, and advertising and communications. Together, we create self-initiated creative projects.

To assure the highest level of design, we keep our studio independent and focused, working collaboratively from our office for our clients worldwide. At Ampwake Group, every project is met with all the firms’ creative vision and strategic thinking and our entire team’s diverse abilities, talents, and backgrounds.

Meet Our Core Team

The thriving team of hard-working spirits behind the Ampwake Group

Anshuman Agarwal (Manan)

Co-founder & CEO

Prakhar Tiwari


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Build Your Business Identity With Our Consultancy